Chaos, Derrida and pigeons: Things I learnt from Dave Snowden

I recently attended a talk by Dave Snowden at Design Thinking Ireland. It was an avalanche of fascinating, unexpected and interconnected ideas that seriously overwhelmed my sketchnoting abilities.

Montage of Dave Snowden, Elsa from Frozen, Derrida and a dinosaur
An image of my sketch notes from Designing Thinking Ireland
My overstuffed sketchnotes

Consciousness is a distributed function

Dark chocolate consumption and Nobel laureates

Jacques Derrida

Derrida and aporia

IDEO signage
Image by Thomas Hawk

Design thinking?

Distributive ethnography

Embrace ambiguity

Velociraptor overseeing its domain
Image by Kenneth Lu


Falcon and the pigeon

Elsa from Frozen

Frozen Two and the adjacent possible

Order, complexity, and chaos

Ordered system

Complex systems

Chaotic systems

How I apply this to the design process



TEDx Athens Crowd
Image by TEDx Athens

Wisdom of Crowds



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